Guy Hanke

“I know of nothing sublime that is not some modification of power”   Edmund Burke

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So, even a scientist interested in energy needs to wind down sometimes. There are two things that I find really relaxing: scuba diving and painting - but painting is cheaper! I actually studied art until I was 18, but these days I can only describe what I do as amateur draftsmanship. Every so often its great to sit down for a day and paint a flower - or something else that takes my fancy. Here are a few examples - enjoy!

OK, so everyone loves flowers, but I also find plants beautiful at a higher resolution.  The header bar on this website is part of a picture I painted, which is my interpretation of grana stacks in colour at high resolution. I painted this using a few electron micrographs we generated in the lab as models for basic structure, and then the colours are completely my invention. Actually it´s part of a bigger picture I painted of bundle sheath and mesophyll cell chloroplasts in maize (yup, a bit of research interest creeping back in there). I kind of like this picture, but some students commented that it looks too much like a brain....